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Lab Cryo Tube Box /Freezing Tube Box Lab Cryo Tube Box /Freezing Tube Box Lab Cryo Tube Box /Freezing Tube Box Lab Cryo Tube Box /Freezing Tube Box
Product name : Lab Cryo Tube Box /Freezing Tube Box
Product No. : SH-CT
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 Cryo Tube/Freezing Tube


Freezing tube is made of high quality PP material, use in extreme temperatures ranging from -196°c to +121°c. The tube won't fracture under high-speed off center. Also, the unique design make it leakproof , can be placed in liquid nitrogen for low temperature sample preservation; The unique tube design which make sample stress reaction cannot occur in liquid nitrogen, and the thaw in the no effect; the tube wall at the bottom so that the sample is easy to takeout because of optimization design; without DNase, RNase and the heat source.

Product Feature 

Medical grade transparent LDPE · Suitable for drawing, transferring and blending a certain volume of liquid · Good chemical stability · Excellent transparency with clear graduations for easy observation · Good fluidity for easy control · Excellent tenacity, can be bent in a certain angle for micro vessel and special-shaped containers · Flexible for quick safe transfer of fluids

Product Name Cryo Tube/Freezing Tube
Material PP
Size 0.5ml/1ml/1.5ml/1.8ml/4ml/5ml/10ml
Tube Color Transparent or White
Shelf life 5 years
OEM Available

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