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G5/8 Oxygen Regulator Cylinder Use Oxygen Flow Meter Qf-6A Valve G5/8 Oxygen Regulator Cylinder Use Oxygen Flow Meter Qf-6A Valve G5/8 Oxygen Regulator Cylinder Use Oxygen Flow Meter Qf-6A Valve G5/8 Oxygen Regulator Cylinder Use Oxygen Flow Meter Qf-6A Valve
Product name : G5/8 Oxygen Regulator Cylinder Use Oxygen Flow Meter Qf-6A Valve
Product No. : SH-OI-01
Price : $15-$30
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 G5/8 W21.8 Cga540 Oxygen Regulator for Cylinder Use Oxygen FLOW METER for qf-6a valve

Name: Buoy ·:Oxygen Inhaler


Input pressure: <;15Mpa


Output pressure: 0.25MPa


Flow adjustment range: 1-15L/min


Safety valve: 0.5Mpa automatic exhaust


Inlet thread: G5/8"


Exit thread: M12X1


Equipped with moisture bottle device

Product performance structure    
The product is mainly composed of safety valve, oxygen pressure gauge, flow regulating valve, humidified bottle, etc. Each connection part of the inhaler is well sealed and does not leak air under working pressure. Scope of application This product is suitable for emergency oxygen supply in medical units and oxygen inhalation for hypoxic patients Remarks To avoid cross-infection, the buoy-type oxygen inhaler humidification bottle can be used as a disposable humidification bottle as needed high pressure Inherit Receive Amplitude  ≤15MPa Oxygen pressure after decompression  0.2~0.3MPa Flow adjustment range  1~10L/min When the output pressure>0.35±0.05MPa, the safety valve automatically exhausts Accuracy level of oxygen pressure gauge 2.5 level Tightening nut thread size G5/8 Maximum outer diameter of outlet taper joint Φ9mm±0.5mm

It is mainly used in the oxygen supply system of medical center, for the oxygen inhalation of emergency oxygen supply and anoxic patients in medical units, the inhalation flow control device of scientific research institutions, industrial mines and so on.Oxygen inhaler flow accurate, easy to use, safe.It is a necessary instrument for oxygen treatment for patients in hospital emergency room and ward

The working principle of:

The function of the oxygen inhaler is to provide a constant pressure and flow of oxygen for the patient to use.Bottle-inserted oxygen inhaler uses its own pressure reducing device to reduce the high pressure in the oxygen cylinder (15Mpa pressure when the bottle is full) to the low pressure suitable for human use (0.2~0.2Mpa), and then output to the human body after being wetted by water.And the wall plug oxygen inhaler because the input pressure is 0.2~0.4Mpa, so there is no need to decompress, directly output to the human body.

Operation method:

1. Add distilled water to the humidified glass, with water level not higher than the top waterline, but not lower than the bottom waterline.Do not use normal saline instead.

2. Insert oxygen inhaler terminal should be closed before the flow regulation switch socket, quick plug direction, and adjust the oxygen and oxygen to aim the quick plug socket terminal holes inserted, when they hear "click" sound and see oxygen terminal socket lock set of automatic sliding, quick plug and oxygen terminal socket is connected to lock.

3. Insert the oxygen suction tube into the oxygen delivery joint before supplying oxygen, and then turn the flow regulating switch in the counterclockwise direction to start the origin, so that the float ball rises slowly (the calibration line aligned by the center of the float ball is the flow reading, the unit is liters/min), and the oxygen supply can be adjusted according to the need.

4. During the oxygen supply process of the inhaler, if the water in the bottle of the inhaler is below the lower water line, turn off the flow regulating switch in time, unscrew the humifying bottle, add distilled water according to the requirements of the first paragraph of this article, and then screw the bottle of the inhaler to continue the oxygen supply.

5. When the inhaler stops using, the inhaler air source should be closed;If the inhaler needs to be removed, the inhaler should be held by hand, and then removed (the unlocking method of different oxygen supply terminal sockets should be explained by the installation unit). After cleaning and disinfecting the water in the bottle, the inhaler should be stored in a room without corrosion and good ventilation.


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