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1L 1.5L 3L round sharp container 1L 1.5L 3L round sharp container 1L 1.5L 3L round sharp container
Product name : 1L 1.5L 3L round sharp container
Product No. : SH-SBR
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Sharp container

Product description:

1.Disposable sharps container, sharps bin, sharps box
2.Medical syringe use
3.Available size from 0.5 liter to 25 liters
4.2 types of cap lock the body closely
6.Made of high quality burnable PP, de-compoundable, environmentally friendly
7.Excellent impact resistance and tensile (≥12.5N) effectively prevent sharp objects (needles) from penetrating
8.OEM/ODM acceptable
9.Meet international standards
10.The material without PVC,made by PP

Product Feature:

1.Easy to use, safe, non-toxic, puncture resistant, and non-leaking. Single use , can't open again after it is completely closed.
2.The medical waste contained in the sharp container can’t exceed the marking line
3.Function :
a. Collect needles for disposable items such as syringes and infusion sets.
b. collecting medical small glass products, all kinds of blades, scalp needles, suture needles and other sharps.
c. Collect blood-stained medical instruments such as syringes and blood transfusion devices.
d. other regulations must be placed in the sharp box of medical sharps and other sharp dangerous goods.

Item NO.    Model  Sharp Material Size(cm) Mark
SH-SBR-0.5 0.5L Round PP 7.5*9.8 normal lid
SH-SBR-1.0N 1L Round PP 11.5*12.5 normal lid
SH-SBR-1.0 1L Round PP 11*15*8.5 special lid
SH-SBR-1.5 1.5L Round PP 14*15*11 special lid
SH-SBR-2.0 2L Round PP 13.5*14.5 normal lid
SH-SBR-3.0 3L Round PP 14*24*12 special lid
SH-SBR-3.0N 3L Round PP 16.5*17 normal lid
SH-SBR-4.0 4L Round PP 17.5*18.5 normal lid
SH-SBR-5.0 5L Round PP 19.5*20 normal lid
SH-SBR-6.0N 6L Round PP 22*22 normal lid
SH-SBR-6.0P 6L Round PP 22*21 push lid
SH-SBR-7.0 7L Round PP 17.5*28 normal lid
SH-SBR-8.0N 8L Round PP 22.5*23.5 normal lid
SH-SBR-8.0P 8L Round PP 22.5*22.5 push lid
SH-SBR-10 10L Round PP 22.5*25 normal lid
SH-SBR-12 12L Round PP 22.5*30 normal lid
SH-SBR-15 15L Round PP 27*27 normal lid
SH-SBR-18 18L Round PP 28*29 normal lid

Item NO.    Model  Sharp Material Size(cm) Mark
SH-SBS-1.0 1L Square PP 10*9.5*15.5 special lid
SH-SBS-3.0 3L Square PP 20*16*12  
SH-SBS-3.0H 3L Square PP 20*16*13.5 Hand lid
SH-SBS-5.0 5L Square PP 24.5*20*14.5  
SH-SBS-5.0T 5L Square PP 24.5*20*15  
SH-SBS-5.0H 5L Square PP 24.5*20*16 Hand lid
SH-SBS-8.0W 8L Square PP 29*21.5*15  
SH-SBS-10.0 10L Square PP 24.5*20*25.5  
SH-SCS-10H 10L Square PP 25*20*28.5 Hand lid
SH-SBS-15 15L Square PP 36*23*26  
SH-SBS-15T 15L Square PP 31.5*21.5*30  
SH-SBS-25 25L Square PP 35*25*42.5  
SH-SC-25 25L Square PP 37*24*38  

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