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pvc oxygen mask pvc oxygen mask
Product name : pvc oxygen mask
Product No. : SH-OXM
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 1. Medium concentration

2.  with elastic strap

3.  adjustable nose clip

4.  with 2m oxygen tubing

5.  Medical PVC material

6. CE,ISO,FDA approved


The oxygen mask are used for patients requiring more oxygen than is delivered via the cannula.

The flow rate for the simple face mask is between 4 to 8 LPM. The simple face mask differs from the Non-Rebreather

in that outside air is mixed with the incoming oxygen.


All materials used in construction of the Oxygen Mask ,and the Oxygen Tubing are latex free,

 soft and smooth surface without sharp edge and object, They have no undesirable effects

on the Oxygen/Medication passing through under ordinary conditions of use.

 Mask Material are hypoallergenic and shall resist ignition and rapid buring


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