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disposable  petri dish disposable  petri dish disposable  petri dish disposable  petri dish
Product name : disposable petri dish
Product No. : 2017428161459
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Production description

Made of high transparency medical grade PS material, Used for fungus, bacteria and other microorganism culture.Superior production technique makes the dish thickness uniform. 

  1.Easy to stack up with the stack up circle.
  2.Vent design for easy air exchange.
  3.E.O sterile available.
  4.Packed in sealing paper-plastic bag or plastic bag to prevent contamination.
  5.E.O sterilization.
  6.Available in individual or bulk pack.
  7.High strength carton guarantees the transportation safety.

Production Feature:

Item No Product Material Size Specification Grade
SH-PD-01 petri dish PS 60*15mm one cavity 1.Biological cell culture dish

 2. Bacterial culture dish
SH-PD-02 petri dish PS 90*15mm one cavity
SH-PD-03 petri dish PS 90*15mm two cavities
SH-PD-04 petri dish PS 90*15mm three cavities
SH-PD-05 petri dish PS 55*15mm grid round
SH-PD-06 petri dish PS 35mm one cavity
SH-PD-07 petri dish PS 70mm one cavity
SH-PD-08 petri dish PS 90*20mm one cavity
SH-PD-09 petri dish PS 100mm one cavity
SH-PD-10 petri dish PS 120mm one cavity
SH-PD-11 petri dish PS 150mm one cavity
SH-PD-12 petri dish PS 100*100 square
SH-PD-13 petri dish PS 130*130 square
SH-PD-14 petri dish PS 100*100 grid square 

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